giovedì 28 maggio 2015


Send them over the waves
Our sentinels
They report in the news
position of our foes

This battlefield´s been chosen, tactically in advance
Time to alert our fighters
We´re soon in range

We'll meet at Midway
Naval War

Calling all men to deck
Got to be airborne
Head out into the sun
Descending on our foes

This is the crucial moment, in the heat of the war
To fly and hit our targets
Down in the waves

Display their might, ordering carriers, admirals at war
We'll meet at Midway
To win the fight, tactics are crucial, naval war

Far from shore, a pacific war
bombs are falling from the skies
It's a bomb run day, it's the naval way
A blood red sun is on the rise

Sabaton - Midway (Coat of Arms - 2010)

4 commenti:

Jose Daniel M.L. ha detto...

Hola amigo
Guauuuu Que bueno
me trae recuerdos de la pelicula ""la batalla de Midway""
un saludo

luca tempesta ha detto...

Many thanks j.d!
I love that movie too!

FourEyedMonster ha detto...

Looks great as it is. That being said, it would have been fantastic if you could have included a plane on the verge of taking off. :)

luca tempesta ha detto...

Hi Fem!
you're right, i'll think of it next time!